In this elearning video, Carmen will introduce a new product in the InWhite® families ---- Aalborg Inbind®. It is the binder product used for high performance mortar and concrete applications based on FUTURECEM® patented limestone calcined clay technology.

The flexible and reliable binder solution empowers the local precasters to produce a customized UHPC optimizing costs by using local available aggregates and additives. The product has proven results in terms of fresh and mechanical properties and durability indicators.

Take-aways from this elearning video

  • What is the Cementir’s innovation route?
  • What is the role of UHPC in the future of construction
  • Performance and applications of INBIND, the high-performance binder
InBind on-line training


Carmen Maria Quist Batista

Carmen Maria Quist Batista

Bachelor’s degree in chemistry at the Universidad Central de Venezuela (UCV). In 2012, she started her career working in R&D of cementitious materials at INTEVEP in Venezuela and Product Specialist at ITW division for premixed UHPC products in Aalborg. She has committed to finding new applications for cement and concrete, starting with the development of slurries of oil well cement for high pressure and high temperature conditions. Since 2017, she has joined Cementir Holding as White Cement Application Specialist and plays a key role with the responsibility of developing innovative solutions for white cement based products. Her efforts are capitalizing into highly innovative concrete products, such as UHPC, GRC and 3D printing mortars.