The natural, calm and unpretentious fair-faced concrete is incomparable with other decorative materials and has been favored by architectural masters all along. 

Challenging white cast-in-place concrete has been increasingly applied to the culture buildings and to be used to express the essential beauty of simplicity. With the rich texture and high visibility of White Concrete surface, the architects play the art of light and shadow to the utmost. As a medium, white fair-faced concrete integrates architecture with nature.

In this elearning video, Larry Rowland will introduce:

  • The landmark RMC project The Reach-Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts
  • Explain how to use architectural concrete to achieve the design goals
  • List the key steps of successful construction processes of this white RMC construction made with Aalborg White cement 
Meeting Design Goals with Architectural Concrete


Larry Rowland

Larry Rowland

Larry Rowland has over thirty years of experience in the building materials and construction industries. He regularly interacts with students, designers and concrete professionals and has distinguished himself as a leader and spokesman for the US and International cement and concrete industries. In his position as Manager Marketing & Technical Services in Lehigh White Cement LLC, Larry interacts with professional and educational organizations communicating the benefits of architectural concrete, resilient construction and sustainable design. Mr. Rowland is a Fellow of the American Concrete Institute, recipient of the 2015 ACI Concrete Sustainability Award and former Chair of ACI’s Decorative Concrete Committee. He is Construction Specification Institute, Certified Construction Product Representative and USGBC LEED® Accredited Professional.