Stefano Zampaletta begins the elearning video by presenting Cementir's two potential strategic solutions for reducing CO2 emissions in the building: Utilizing Low Carbon Cement and Building More with Less Material like InWhite UHPC product ranges.

Following this, Søren Hvitfeldt Rasmussen focuses on one of these solutions, specifically the low carbon cement product produced at Cementir's Aalborg plant. Soren's presentation aims to describe the unique features of the white clicker manufactured at Cementir's Aalborg plant. Additionally, he will provide insights into the main design principles and enhanced performance of our upcoming new Portland Limestone Cement, CEMII/A-LL 52.5 R.


Take aways from this elearning video:

1.    Cementir’s solutions on reducing CO2 emission in the building 
2.    The outstanding features of Aalborg White® clinker and the influence on cement performance.
3.    Introduction of New Portland Limestone cement CEM II/A-LL 52.5R
4.    The role of limestone as SCM

low carbon cement




Søren H Rasmussen

Technical Manager at Cementir’s Sustainability and R&D department

Søren H Rasmussen has a master’s degree in chemical engineering. Employed since 1992 at the cement company Aalborg Portland in Denmark (now part of Cementir) working mainly within research and development and technical support to cement customers.

Fields of knowledge:
•    White cement applications
•    Cement chemistry
•    Admixtures for mortar and concrete
•    Aesthetic durability of concrete structures
•    Calcined clay limestone cements
•    CO2 reduced cements

Stefano Zampaletta

Stefano Zampaletta

Group Product Development Manager, Cementir Group

Stefano Zampaletta is currently working for Cementir Holding as Group Product Development Manager. He is in charge of defining and coordinating the Group sustainability roadmap for a lower carbon product range and its roll-out at Group and Local level to support Group’s CO2 emission reduction targets. Within this he is co-leading FUTURECEM® as Group Initiative: a green and sustainable solution for cement and concrete technology. He is also coordinating innovation activity on cement-based solution and products within InWhite Solutions®. During his 20 years-experience in cement and concrete industry, he also covered different positions in technical assistance, quality control and R&D.