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Since November 2018, AALBORG EXTREMETM LIGHT120, the new generation of premixed Ultra High-Performance Concrete (UHPC) based on AALBORG WHITE® cement is being launched in the global market. The product is being deployed in Europe and will reach the US and China during January 2019. AALBORG EXTREMETM LIGHT120 is the first commercialized product under the AALBORG INWHITE SOLUTIONTM serving as an innovation engine for high value adding and technologically advanced White Cement based products. The Innovation Team, led by Group Sales, Marketing & Commercial Development working together with R&D’s Lab in Aalborg, has pursued to breaking the boundaries of traditional technology on White Cement application, with emphasis on innovation and environmental protection, to support the development of sustainable industrial products.

AALBORG EXTREMETM Light 120 is based on Cementir Holding’s recently patented sustainable binder technology, FUTURECEMTM, which offers highly advantageous pozzolanic reactions, without being constrained by the availability or quality of waste materials from other industries that minimize the impact on environment. The premix UHPC product is fully documented with predictable performance allowing precast concrete manufacturers on-site tailorization within a predefined range to achieve production cost and efficiency optimization.


The successfully developed complex binder technology behind the UHPC product is a synergized achievement from Cementir Holding’s Innovation Team, Research & Quality Centre in Aalborg, Denmark, and Global Sales Team. AALBORG EXTREMETM Light 120 is based on a further refinement of sustainable binder technology FUTURECEMTM, which employs a unique selection of the raw materials from adequate existing nature resource, having superior pozzolanic reactions unconstrained by the availability and quality of waste materials from other industries.

As an innovation leading company in White Cement industry, Cementir Holding is committed to producing high quality products in an environmentally friendly and sustainable manner.


AALBORG WHITE®, a recognized and trusted global brand, is the White Cement used in the Aalborg Extreme TM Light 120, providing among others, the enhanced interaction with admixtures and a predictable and reliable UHPC performance due to its high degree of chemical purity and the inherent stability of quality.

Aalborg Extreme TM Light 120 has been developed to provide a safe and reliable solution for the manufacture of UHPC products, designed to successfully match the requirements at industrial manufacturers, whilst still offering tailorization possibilities in terms of coloring, parting from its white color, and further permitting a customized selection of fiber type and dosage. The robust UHPC mix has high viscosity, but excellent, high flow properties with an open time suited for industrial use. It is gratifying to receive the first “Voice of Customer” in Europe who gave a positive assessment on product, “together with Aalborg White Innovation Team, we have done several tests to monitor the workability and strength. The product contains excellent properties to perfectly meet the demand in the market.”

The superior durability properties of Aalborg Extreme TM Light 120 make it viable to design and manufacture thin and light weight, high strength concrete products like façades, cladding, sun-screens, garden ornaments or city furniture. The premix product offers an easy solution for the safe and clean production of high quality UHPC elements fitting into the framework of a typical industrial production process due to its excellent properties, mainly including,

  • Workability - self-compacting properties and long flow retention.
  • High early and final strength
  • Predictable and reliable performance
  • Shrinkage reduced, minimizing the risk of cracks.
  • Highly durable, even when exposed to harsh environment.
  • Color performance - high whiteness ideal for architectural and ornamental elements

As a leading White Cement manufacturer in the world, Cementir Holding has been at the forefront of White Cement innovation technology, adhering to the integration of a deep understanding of the customer and local market with the company's development strategy, emphasizing innovation and sustainability, using technology to develop new products supporting a sustainable development of the industry.


A shrinkage reduced, ready-to-use, self-compacting High-Performance Concrete for the manufacturing of thin/slim concrete products with high aesthetic, mechanical and durability performance. Binder, admixtures and aggregates are included, only water should be added during mixing.

After mixing with water, the product results in a white base coloured High-Performance Concrete for personal tailorization in terms of pigments. Due to its high flowability, fibres can be added to adjust mechanical properties, whilst still maintaining self-compacting properties.

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