Aalborg Portland Belgium and Compagnie des Ciments Belgium & France (CCB), as the subordinate companies of Cementir Group, participated Concrete Day Belgium 2022 jointly to bring INWHITE® solutions and low carbon cement technology FUTURECEM® to the industrial peers and experts in Benelux.

Our team was very honored to be interviewed by the Anastassia Kastelis, the organizer of Concrete Day Belgium, to introduce the Cementir's practices and contributions on innovation and sustainability in local markets.

Aalborg Extreme and Aalborg Excel are the two premixed UHPC products developed under the INWHITE solution . In the past few years, INWHITE UHPCs have been successfully used in the residential building, iconic commercial constructions and pedestrian bridges in Benelux and France.

This year, Cementir rolled out a new binder solution INBIND® in Europe and this product is the valuable complement to INWHITE existing range. It is a sustainable premixed white cementitious product, based on FUTURECEM ® patented technology, within InWhite® Solutions. INBIND® is set to meet the market needs by providing flexible and user-friendly binder solution optimizing costs by leveraging on local aggregates and suitable admixture.

The interview of Frank Brandt, General Manager of Aalborg Portland Belgium

Cementir's FUTURECEM® launched in Denmark in 2021 and its roll-out is accelerating in Cementir Group's European markets. CCB has commercialized FUTURECEM® since 2022 in the French and Benelux markets.

The interview of Isabel Dierickx and Oumar Thiene, Technical & Commercial Engineer of CCB Belgium and France

AP Belgium and CCB Belgium and France addressed 3 sessions of speeches covering the topics of InWhite solution for the concrete of tomorrow and Low carbon cement Futurecem in the workshop Concrete Solutions for Climate