Blue Glass Pebble Company Pty Ltd. is one of Australia’s foremost suppliers of swimming pool finishes. The company makes high-end, vibrantly colourful glass bead pool finishes for concrete pools. The sparkling visual beauty of their interiors is unrivalled in the marketplace. Crucially, they have also proved to be extremely user friendly in both commercial and domestic applications in terms of onsite workability, durability, and ease of maintenance. When blue Glass Pebble Company makes premixed products they always and exclusively contain Aalborg White ® Cement.


Michael Kettlewell

The absolute pure whiteness of the Aalborg White ® cement colour allows for such sought-after surface and water colours. We see it as our only viable option to get the results we want from our products.
Michael Kettlewell, Manager of Blue Glass Pebble Company, Australia


Q: What are the components of Premixed Glass Pebble Products?
Our multi award winning products are made up of coloured glass beads, premium quartz pebble from southern New Zealand, Mother of Pearl Shells, Inorganic Pigments, and of course Aalborg White® Cement. The ratios and colour/type of raw material used change based on the colour selected by the customer.


Swimming pool finishes


Q: What are the characteristics of your products? What role does White Cement play in your products?
The key characteristics of our products are aesthetic brilliance, ease of installation and durability. The sparkling visual beauty of our pool interiors and the stunningly vibrant water colours they create are unrivalled in the marketplace. 

Aalborg White Cement plays a key role in this regard, particularly compared with other cements which are typically greener or greyer. The absolute pure whiteness of the cement colour allows for such sought-after surface and water colours. We see it as our only viable option to get the results we want from our products.

Q:What types of projects are your products mainly used for? Which project is your most satisfied?
The most common application of our product are domestic swimming pools. In this regard our products have been used in tens of thousands of backyard pools. 

In recent years we have been honoured to be involved in more and more impressive commercial applications. These include sprawling resort masterpieces, boutique hotel pools, swim schools, water parks, wave pools, council pools and public water features. 

Perhaps our favourite is the awe-inspiring Outrigger pool at Sigatoka, Fiji – which was finished in our colour “Noosa”.


Fuji Resort Swimming Pool


Q: Are you satisfied with the quality of Aalborg White cement? What else do you expect from white cement product and its application?
We are very satisfied with the aesthetic appearance of the white cement and believe it needs absolutely no improvement in that regard. If there is a way it could be tailored to our needs in an application sense it would be with regards to how it sets in tropical environments. 

Blue Glass Pebble Projects based on AALBORG WHITE® CEMENT