For over a decade, artificial inorganic terrazzo has been widely used in China's buildings and infrastructure. Now, with a focus on sustainability, it has been replacing natural stone. Aalborg White Cement is praised for its consistency, high strength and whiteness, favored by many terrazzo producers. Recently, we interviewed Mr. Cai Xiaoguo, General Manager of Dongxing Group, at their headquarters in Quanzhou, Fujian, to discuss characteristics and applications of Artificial Inorganic Terrazzo.

cai xiao guo

“Aalborg White Cement is known for its exceptional consistency, purity, and ability to fully react with additives, resulting in high-performance, low water-absorption artificial inorganic terrazzo products. The high whiteness of Aalborg White Cement plays a pivotal role in enhancing architectural aesthetics.”

                                                                                                                      —— Cai Xiaoguo, General Manager, Dongxing Group

Background of Dongxing Group

Founded in 1979, Dongxing Group is a modern company that integrates product design, research and development, production, and marketing. The group's business spans various fields, including mining, stone processing/production and sales, real estate development, cultural creativity, and more. With over 40 years of experience in the stone industry, Dongxing Group has developed a 1+N industrial chain service operation platform, encompassing six core business clusters: engineering, luxury stone, artificial inorganic terrazzo, trading, tourism, and real estate. The group boasts large-scale production and sales bases and logistics systems nationwide, with branches or offices in many countries across Europe, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia, establishing a global industrial footprint.

Artificial Inorganic Terrazzo 

Dongxing Inorganic Terrazzo is a key product of the Dongxing Group, marketed under the "Dongxing Quanshi" brand. From R&D and production to sales and application, Dongxing Inorganic Terrazzo consistently leverages superior technology and raw materials. The product benefits from advanced production equipment and the expertise of professional Italian technical advisors. It employs natural marble, granite, quartzite, and similar materials, which are formed through high-frequency vibration and vacuum high-pressure molding. This process ensures a dense interior that inhibits bacterial growth. The use of an inorganic adhesive formula, which is continuously improved during production, ensures exceptional environmental performance from the source materials.

production process

Jiaxing Railway Station, Designed by Renowned MAD Architects

Jiaxing Railway Station, designed by MAD Architects, is China's first sunken ecological railway station, evoking the ambiance of a forest setting. The most striking feature is the sunken waiting hall, where Dongxing artificial inorganic terrazzo products are extensively utilized across the floor, walls, flower pots, benches, and ceiling. Aalborg White® cement, a key raw material, enhances the space with its high reflectivity, creating a luminous and futuristic atmosphere with the interplay of light and shadow. The project incorporates over 2,000 product specifications, including more than 900 irregular terrazzo components. The complexity of processing exceeds expectations, requiring precise machine positioning and meticulous manual polishing to ensure perfect alignment within the project layout.

Jiaxing railway station

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