GC ArchiStone is one of the pioneering manufacturers in Russia to use Aalborg White® Cement for the manufacture of architectural facade elements in 1996, when the technology of vibration compression of semi-dry cement-sand mixture (better known abroad as Cast Stone) first came to Russia. The key factors that influenced the popularity of Cast Stone products in Russia was a successful combination of impressive technical and aesthetic characteristics of the finished product. The texture of the architectural elements of Cast Stone exactly repeats the texture of natural Sandstone, while having a high degree of uniformity.

Thanks to the high chemical purity of Aalborg White® cement, GC ArchiStone has successfully developed a series of precast concrete elements comprising of GFRC (Glass Fibre Reinforced Concrete) and some wet casting concrete components. These facade decorative elements with high architectural aesthetics are widely favoured by architects and applied in many iconic buildings.


Alexey Evgenievich Marusov

The use of high-quality AALBORG WHITE® cement significantly reduces the risks of product rejection and ensures an optimal cost performance.
Alexey Evgenievich Marusov,General Director of GC ArchiStone


Q: How do you assess the overall performance of AALBORG WHITE cement and what is your product experience?

“To ensure high performance of concrete products in the aggressive weather conditions in Central Russia, with multiple transitions through 0°C and high humidity, we tested many product samples from different White Cement manufacturers and conducted long-term climatic tests of samples on their production base. As shown by many years of practices, AALBORG WHITE® cement most accurately meets our requirements to the binder in terms of high whiteness, high strength and excellent machinability. In addition, the stability of these indicators in supply, stretched over time, is of fundamental importance for us. Supplying façade products to a project often stretches over several years, and the products delivered at any time are required to be the consistent in terms of visual indicators. The use of high-quality AALBORG WHITE® cement significantly reduces the risks of product rejection and ensures an optimal cost performance.”

Q: What is your perspective on the trends of new applications and technologies based on white cement in the Russian market?

“High quality GRC is a trend of increasing demand for the original decoration of facades with technological, fireproof and visibly expressive materials that allow to form a unique image of the building in a variety of stylistic techniques – from classicism to high-tech. ArchiCor® GRC precast elements developed based on AALBORG WHITE® cement possess the distinguished high strength, water-resistance, minimal shrinkage deformation after demoulding and the absence of fracture. Large-Format panels of GRC carrying metal frame have long been successfully used for facades in the United States, Japan, European countries. In recent years, these technologies are of increasing interest in Russia.”


GC ArchiStone Projects based on AALBORG WHITE® CEMENT