How can we ensure that white or light-colored concrete structures retain their aesthetic appeal despite the challenges posed by weathering? This is a common concern for architects and precasters alike. In this elearning video, Soren H. Rasmussen gives a detailed account of how weathering impacts concrete structures, delves into the underlying causes, and proposes potential remedies to alleviate these effects.


  • Examples of good and bad aesthetic appearance
  • What happens to the concrete surfaces over time?
  • How can the aesthetic durability be improved?


white concrete



Søren H Rasmussen

Technical Manager at Cementir’s Sustainability and R&D department

Søren H Rasmussen has a master’s degree in chemical engineering. Employed since 1992 at the cement company Aalborg Portland in Denmark (now part of Cementir) working mainly within research and development and technical support to cement customers.

Fields of knowledge:
•    White cement applications
•    Cement chemistry
•    Admixtures for mortar and concrete
•    Aesthetic durability of concrete structures
•    Calcined clay limestone cements
•    CO2 reduced cements