In this e-learning video, Maarten Durnez from Enjoy Concrete discusses the production and application experience of Extreme UHPC façade, sun-screen slats, and pedestrian bridges. 

Extreme UHPC is the first commercialized product under the InWhite Solution serving as an innovation engine for high value adding and technologically advanced White Cement based products. Based on the Cementir’s sustainable binder technology FUTURECEM, Extreme has unique properties and characteristics with a high compressive strength, and excellent properties in terms of tensile strength, shrinkage and durability.

Extreme UHPC premix is ideal for structural and semi-structural applications, especially when mxinig with metallic fibers. Notably, it demonstrates self-compacting, highly flowable properties. This makes it well-suited for use in building façade, bridges, balconies, and stairs.

Key highlights in this video,

  • White concrete projects of Enjoy Concrete showcasing rich textures. 

  • Sharing the insights into using premixed UHPC.

  • Case studies of Extreme UHPC applied to balconies, sun-screen slats and pedestrian bridges in Belgium.





    Maarten Durnez

    Technical Sales/ R&D, architectural concrete company : ENJOY CONCRETE where he was active since birth.
    Maarten Durnez graduated as Master in Industrial Engineering, specialized in construction in Ghent.  He started his career as a stability engineer in an engineering company “studiebureau Cnockaert” . The sedentary work offered too little challenge. In 2006, Maarten started at the main contractor Furnibo at the Belgian coast, founded by Bernard Joye, where safety and management of the precast department were the main tasks. The precast department had a big growth. In 2010, ENJOY CONCRETE was founded as a new company in architectural concrete. Since 2019, Maarten has been associate. The mentality of controlled pioneering is in our genes. Experience with UHPC since 2010. Sales aside, there has always been a penchant for pushing the boundaries of our product. Maarten took the concrete technology course in 2009.