The internationally renowned studio Zaha Hadid Architects are setting their landmark SKY PARK on Bratislava, using glass fibre reinforced concrete (GRC) based on Aalborg White cement. The Danish company BB Fiberbeton A/S is the GRC producer of this project.  SKY PARK is a complex project integrating 20,000m2 of public park, a community with more than 700 apartments and 55,000 m2 office and retail space, connecting to city transportation network. 

BB Fiberbeton A/S has recently produced the last façade elements for the three high-rise buildings in Slovakia. GRC elements are used as part of the facade solution for the three organically shaped towers, the SKY PARK. 

“The large design studio is known for its exciting forms and for constantly challenging the boundaries of architecture with an experimental design language. That is why it has been an interesting project for us. The organic shapes are exactly what is unique about glassfibre reinforced concrete”, says co-owner Nikolaj Aalund Brandt, BB Fiberbeton. 

The last GRC elements have just been produced at the Danish factory outside Copenhagen. More than 220 trucks have transported the +3,000 elements made with Aalborg White cement from Denmark to Slovakia. The high-rise buildings are expected to be completed in 2020. 

“We prefer Aalborg White cement for our GRC production due to its color consistency and chemical properties. High quality white cement is a key parameter for us to achieve the specific color and surface finish. We work with a lot of different surfaces and Aalborg White cement is a good starting point.”

Adds by Nikolaj Aalund Brandt. 

SKY PARK by Zaha Hadid Architects is a development by Penta Real Estate.  

The GRC material is extremely formable and durable. It is very versatile and can be suitably shaped into a wide variety of complex shapes. Selecting GRC, architects have complete freedom of design in terms of geometry, texture, and surface – without high costs. 

“GRC is eco-friendly. The green production with low energy consumption and without any toxic materials ensures low CO2 per square meter. Further the light weight of the material, as it is produced in typically 12 mm thickness, and the extreme durability of GRC, contributes significantly to sustainability of the building”, says Nikolaj Aalund Brandt, BB Fiberbeton. 

At the factory in Denmark, they have already progressed with other projects, including facade elements for another large building project in Bratislava. Just across the street from SKY PARK.

sky park

Surface Treatment of GRC

GRC elements from BB Fiberbeton A/S are a mixture of sand, water, cement, fibers and additives. The elements do not require any maintenance to fulfill technical requirements.

GRC is virtually maintenance-free and is due to its very tight - but permeable - structure stronger than conventional concrete, and more dirt resistant. But if for reasons of environmental character or extreme pollution (sod, sulfurous air, etc.), a high pressure wash becomes relevant, it must be carried out with care. Light sanding with fine sandpaper is also an option.

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GRC elements can, as other concrete elements, be coated to achieve better soiling resistance and a better base for easy subsequent cleaning. Coating also usually has the effect that it limits efflorescence on the surface, which is particularly visible on darker elements.
GRC from BB Fiberbeton A/S is very durable, with high strength and requires no maintenance.


Project Information:

Location: Bratislava, Slovakia
AALBORG WHITE® cement Application: Stud-frame GRC elements
Architect: Zaha Hadid Architects
Prefab: BB Fiberbeton A/S 

sky park
sky park
sky park
sky park
sky park